Welcome to my clinic for

*gentle massage for hormonbalance

*mindful foot reflexology and 

*my services as private midwife.

My name is Anja. I was born in Germany 51 years ago. I've been a midwife since 1996 and a certified massage therapist since 2021.

End of 2024, I will finalize my exams as foot reflexology therapist.

Contact and prizes:

Anja Böckel
Tlf: 44184471
mo-fr 8 am til 6 pm
(if you can't reach me, please text me)

You find me in Vejleby (Rødby) in a beautiful farmhouse.

Gentle massage for hormonbalance: 350 kr.
3 massages as package: 900 kr.

Mindful foot reflexology (until my exams): 250 kr.
6 times reflexology: 1.200 kr.

Midwife consultation in my clinic in Vejleby: 550 kr.
(up to 60 min.)
after 60 min: 300 kr. for every 30 min.

Acute breastfeeding help:
At my clinic: 550 kr.  (up to 90 min.), a second visit costs 350 kr.
2 home visits within 4 days: 1.200 kr.
(up to 90 min.)

2 home visits on day 1 and 2 after giving birth: 1.200 kr.
(up to 90 min.)

10 home visits  after giving birth: 4.500 kr.
(1st visit 90 min, then up to 60 min.)
Get to know your midwife in my clinic in Vejleby: 250 kr.
(up to 30 min.)

Home visits within 10 km from Vejleby are included in the prize. Over 10 km cost 5 kr./km.

A home visit outside normal business hours and on public holidays:
a fee of 200 kr. is due here.