Anjas rede

Anjas nest

Et beskyttet sted
A safe space
Ein geschützter Raum

Privat Jordemoder, Doula og Yoga lærer 

på Lolland

Midwife, Doula & Yoga teacher

Hebamme, Doula und Yogalehrerin

I moved to Lolland in summer 2021 and am very excited about offering all my knowledge and energy to danish families (of course to expats as well).

My danish is still poor, therefore we would have to talk in english or german, but I am working hard on it.

I am still shifting my website from what I offered in Australia to the slightly different kind of work I will do here in Denmark.

If I am finished, you'll find three different pages on this website:
1. my work as a Doula and Yoga teacher at your place   (homevisits)
2. my work as a Midwife (mostly homevisits)
3. my Yoga classes in a studio for women with the wish to get pregnant (fertility), pregnancy Yoga and after giving birth