Therapeutic massage for 

Natural Womanhood


Your body will be nurtured, balanced and relaxed by gentle strokes. 
The concept combines elements of lymph drainage, harmonisation, relaxation and detoxification.


Reaching the maximum of your hormonal balance is a big goal of this massage technique.
Therefore, it is well suited for fertility, during pregnancy, after childbirth, to regulate the milk flow, during menopause and many other hormonal situations like migraine, cycle abnormalities, Endometriosis aso.

Of course, it can also help to get rid of symptoms like exhaustion, sleeping problems, stress and much more.

The "Therapeutic massage for women"  was shaped by Dr. Marie Gowri Motha and Claudia Pfeffer and is part of "Creative Healing" by Joseph B. Stephenson.

The massage is very suitable for young girls, because it can minimize hormonal irregularities and mood svings. This leads to a better self-perception.

A big area of life for many women is the time of fertility, pregnancy and as a mother. Here the hormones can do unwanted somersaults. The gentle but very effective massage helps you to spend this important time with calmness and serenity.

Older women also benefit greatly from the gentle massage technique. Often, women after menopause suffer from sleep problems, tired legs, bladder problems, etc.


1 Massage: 350 kr.

+medical history: 50 kr.

3 massages with medical history: 900 kr.

A massage takes approx. 45 minutes


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