As a newborn mum, you can get advice and support from an experienced and patient midwife. I will always find respectful ways to support you on your way.

I have been working in home visits and in the public health sector from 1996.

My consultations take place at your home throughout Lolland or in my own clinic in Vejleby.

Benefit from my 26 years of experience as a midwife with naturopathic knowledge and gentle methods.

During pregnancy:

Midwife consultations
Heartbeat checks
Preparation for labour and birth, privately or in groups
Learning breathing techniques
Answering questions
Therapeutic massage as preparation for labour (gentlebirthmethod)
Help with discomfort or complaints
Planning the birth and postpartum period



Breastfeeding support
Checking the uterus
Breast health checks
Weight control Baby
Observing the newborn's well-being
Answering questions
Bonding (mother/child)
Practical support such as baby handling
Sleep counselling
Postnatal massage supports the regression of the uterus and abdomen, strengthens the body and psyche
Help with discomfort


Consultation in my clinic in Vejleby: 450 kr.
Home visit: 550 kr.

(45-60 min.)
after 60 min: 200 kr. per half hour

Special price for acute breastfeeding councelling: 2 home visits within 4 days: 900 kr.
(up until 90 min.)

Package price for 10 home visits within 21 days after birth: 4.500 kr.
(up until 60 min.)
A get-to-know-each-other price in my clinic in Vejleby: 250 kr.
(up until 30 min.)

You can pay in instalments.
Ask your private health insureance for a refund. It usually pays 30%.


Feel free to contact me via email:
[email protected]
or telefon: 4418 4471 
from 08:00 until 20:00 (mon-fri)

I had amazing women around me while I gave birth to my children and after birth, even though I was already a midwife.
These women made my experience even more wonderful (like the cherry on top of the cocktail ;-)) and I was very grateful to be supported in everything I had the idea of being the best for me and my family.

Consultations are in Danish, English or German