Foot-reflexology / Zoneterapi

The feet are a reflection of the body. 
No matter if you are ticklish or very sensitive on your feet - we will find the right intensity to strengthen your well-being and health through your feet. Using an effective technique, I locate the areas of your body that need support and will relax or invigorate them.

Currently, a treatment costs only DKK 250/35€, as I am still a student.
The treatment takes place in my clinic in Vejleby on Lolland.

1 foot massage/reflexology: DKK 250 / 35€.
Medical history (first treatment): DKK 50/7€

6 massages as a package with medical history: 1200 kr. / 160€
One massage takes approx. 20-30 minutes.


Anja Böckel

Tlf: +45 4418 4471
(08:00-20:00, mon-fri)
email: [email protected]